creating with purpose & style

Someone once told me that I could live to be a thousand years old and still never use up all my ideas. It wasn't meant as a compliment - they were actually complaining!  But, I took it as one. Fast forward to 2015 and "Notions" has begun.

This is a project of my heart.  Creating treasures of value and beauty for you and your home. Using raw materials that have otherwise outlived their usefulness and were destined for the landfill. "Upcycling" old into new. Enjoying the process. 

Perhaps most meaningful is the notion that I can somehow give back. Local fundraising projects will benefit from the sale of ... well, everything I make and sell.  It's a win-win situation all around.  

So, how does this work??

I take old stuff and with a little creativity make new stuff!   Okay, I know this isn't a new idea. Upcycling has been around for a very long time. This is my spin on it and I hope you will find something in my stash that will appeal to you.